How to Forget Someone | How Long Does it Take To Get Over Someone?

how to get over someone

When someone hurts you, cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. Easy said than done!

Relationships are not easy to build; they involve a lot of time, effort, love, and care, all of which are wasted when a breakup occurs. Dealing with a breakup is never simple. That’s why how to get over someone you love deeply can be really difficult.

Grief after a breakup may be crippling, especially if it feels like months or even years have passed with no discernible improvement in your emotional state.

Relationships are wonderful, but breakups are far worse. Believe me!

The experience alone can be grueling, intellectually exhausting, and a common catalyst for sadness, loneliness, and a loss of self-identity – all of which can appear physically.

I could remember how I felt when my Ex left. It was like my world has ended. I couldn’t get a hold of anything good about myself.

Both physically, intellectually, and socially, I was lost and always a shadow of myself. Every day, I pray and seek a way on how to move on. It was hard!

You know, what many fail to understand is that whether it was your ex that left, you called it quits, or the breakup was amicable, ending a relationship is never easy—even if it’s the right thing to do.

But in the long run, it is a possibility that can happen. That means, just as it’s possible to be all over someone you have deep feelings for, it’s still possible to get over the person. Only that, it will be difficult.

Why it Takes Longer Time to Get Over Someone

The amount of time it takes to get over someone is determined by how involved they were in your life, how much you put in them, and what created the conflict.

Based on the particular of your connection, you may feel as if you’re losing not only your ex but also a piece of your identity.

Most of the time, you’ll discover that a connection that lasted a year or more finally takes up half of the year or more.

Another reason why dealing with a breakup takes longer is due to the level of commitment you both shared.

If you routinely see and call one other during the day, the breakup may be difficult to handle. Thus your mental space has been filled with emotions but with time those feelings will eventually fly away.

Many people have stories of lingering feelings for a former sweetheart that are painfully persistent.

So, how long do you think it should take you to get over someone? It’s actually a difficult—if not impossible—question to answer.

12 Ways on How to Get Over Someone

Here are 12 ways on how you can easily get over someone you deeply love:

  • Control Your Emotions
  • End Your Tears
  • Do away with your ex-partner’s pictures
  • Find Another Partner
  • Disposal of their possessions
  • Stop stalking your ex on social media
  • Remove your ex phone number from your phone
  • Let them not exist in your chat
  • Make an appointment with a therapist
  • Make a phone call to your friends
  • Personal history should be removed
  • Be Busy

1. Control Your Emotions

Unable to control emotions might prolong the recovery process. Even if you were only together for a short time, this is true.

You must correctly manage your emotions because if you attach emotionally and strongly, you will be unable to cope with separation and loss.

Your increased sensitivity and attachment might leave you saddened, impair your self-esteem, and leave you yearning for your ex for a long time.

You don’t have to leave broken as if you’re a loser, even though it’s difficult to handle.

If your relationship ends, you may feel as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself as well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on.

That’s something you won’t bounce back from overnight or probably see yourself into it unknowingly.

So if you are the type that adapts easily and forgets issues, you won’t find it rigid to move ahead with your life knowing you have more things to rebuild and explore.

2. End Your Tears

It takes roughly four weeks to end tears after a separation, depending on the type of person you are and how emotionally sensitive you are. It’s fine if you’re still crying after a parting after a couple of years.

This four-week period is an estimate, so don’t let it drag on too much longer. Generally, be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you’re still crying months later.

Although sobbing demonstrates your level of love and compassion, keep in mind that tears will not bring your lover back or bring things back to normal, therefore there is always a limit to everything “nothing lasts forever” when you are in such a mentality you realize it is acceptable to let go.

3. Do Away with Your Ex Partner’s Pictures

There are times when we come close to letting go, but something or someone keeps bringing up those memories.

So it’s always a good idea to get rid of your ex-partner’s image since things like that could trigger your sentiments or cause you to hold grudges against them.

It’s also a good idea to delete his photo from your phone and social media accounts and ask your friends to do the same and avoid bringing up the subject with them. However, most people receive an additional 8.5 weeks to reach this stage.

Although some people may lack the confidence to do so, it is preferable to be happy and forget about how happy you were previously which might make you cry or think about him.  
Just go for it and see yourself happier than before.

4. Find Another Partner

Another way on how to forget someone is by getting yourself another partner. The report shows that 70% of people in broken relationships try hooking up with another to get away from their old emotions and replace the vacuum left unfilled by their prior partner.

However some of them like dating them legitimately, rather than merely filling a hole, because this is how to get over someone you love deeply.

I feel compelled to emphasize that these are only averages. Someone else may take five years to recover from a breakup while you take five days.

When it comes to mending and getting back on your feet, there are a lot of variables to consider. Just keep in mind that you can’t rush it, even if some processes do take time. 

As long as you find one thing that can put a  smile on your face every day of your life, then you’re definitely stepping on the right path and that is the major thing that needs to be considered.

5. Disposal of their possessions

This technique focuses solely on how to forget your ex or someone you care about, but it can be difficult to implement when people’s emotions cloud their judgment.

According to empirical studies, people usually allow their ex’s belongings to stay around for a long time, especially in their homes.

What are they departing for, exactly? Perhaps to relieve the past, or to be aware of their presence at the time.

You should destroy your ex’s belongings since not doing so will simply bring up painful memories for you, thus it’s preferable to get rid of any evidence.

Even if you want them back, you can send it to them without trashing it, but it’s best if you get rid of their stuff completely in a situation you can’t have any view of it again.

6. Stop Stalking your ex on Social Media

In a country like America, they are very quick and cool about blocking you from their social media page after a breakup, giving the impression that they know how to forget their ex or move on.

They can go cold turkey on social media straight away, but the majority of people need approximately six weeks.

On the other hand, one in ten could admit to sneaking a peak five months or even longer after the split.

If you were really wise, you’d delete them on social media right after the split to avoid any potential heartache which might be finding out that they have replaced you already in less than six weeks of a breakup.

Why don’t you forget your ex by simply limiting yourself completely from social media for a particular period of time, on that note he/she won’t be able to know your next move even if he/she stalks you on social media it will be a waste of time because you be unavailable.

7. Remove your ex phone number from your phone

This method, if used correctly, may solve problems like this in a matter of days or weeks. This is when partners make fun of their ex, particularly women.

They may end up changing his phone number to something amusing or unpleasant, which appears to be a mature way of dealing with the situation.

However, according to the study, it takes 4.5 weeks for people to be able to delete their ex’s phone number.

Some partners, on the other hand, have memorized their ex’s phone number. It’s possible that, together with their parents and an emergency number, it’s the only phone number they’ve memorized.

If a certain person could immediately delete his/her ex number with such courage, thus the person can easily forget his/her partner.

8. Let them not exist in your chat

In some broken relationships must people find it difficult to forget about their ex and allow their name exists in your conversation for a long time.

How to easily forget about your ex depends on how your manage your thoughts about him, since he/she belongs to your past is best you erase everything about him and stop talking about them or better still avoid engaging in any conversation that concerns them.

Doing this alone will heal your wound faster than you could imagine like they ”what you talk about every time has a zero percentage of leaving you”.

Thus what you talk about steady stays in your head. So letting go of some chats over your ex could help solve the issue, but it always depends on how badly you were damaged.

9. Make an appointment with a therapist

Seeing a therapist is a good idea if you’ve been down for a long time after a breakup and it appears you’re still down, skipping out on routine and social meetings you used to enjoy, or just not quite back to what you’d consider normal.

You might benefit from the coping strategies and fresh perspective that a professional can provide.

A therapist can help you take a more honest look at your previous relationship, work through what it meant and didn’t mean, learn to recognize your own self-worth without relying on a partner, and lay the groundwork for a new connection when you’re ready.

Is not always right to depend on your partner for happiness because these walls down to self-isolation after a breakup, so you should become your happiness and strictly follow the therapist’s instructions. 

10. Make a phone call to your friends

If you’re having trouble coping with your breakup, reach out to a buddy who has recently gone through a divorce or has experienced a major breakup in college.

They could have invaluable knowledge. Furthermore, hearing how other people dealt with their breakups normalizes your reaction and allows you to believe that you, too, can easily get over your ex.

Keeping it to yourself to deal with on your own could put you in an emotional condition, so involving your friends, particularly those with similar experiences, might really help you recover and forget about your ex.

Another important thing about such friends is that they would never allow you to get down at yourself, rather they provide a recovering method of cheering you up.

some friends might even make you forgot about your ex and such a way that you will be the one looking for another date.

11. Personal history should be removed

In real life, any breakup, regardless of how it ended, will always be painful and hurtful to people.

Those breakups will always mean different things to different people, and how long they will hurt can be influenced by previous experiences such as trauma or the loss of other significant people in their lives.

That implies anything from your childhood to your previous dating life could erupt right now. Your experience is unique to you, so try not to compare yourself to others who have recovered more quickly or more slowly.

Knowing yourself and taking things slowly in the way you understand them can help you recover faster.

12. Be Busy

Remember, when you want to know how to get over someone, just get a hole of the word ”replacement” and appeal toward it. As in, finding a new partner, activity, or experience to replace your ex.

You can equally engage in some new activities such as dancing class,  going hitting the gym, attend book reads, concerts, or a cooking class—all of these activities will help you develop a new identity and fill the time you used to spend with your ex-partner with activities you enjoy.

You’re also placing yourself in a nice situation to feel less alone because these hobbies aren’t normally done alone.

It also helps to have a goal in mind so you can enjoy all of the great feelings that come with smashing ass.

Bottom Line

Moving on or getting over a broken heart when you still love him or her deeply won’t be easy if you don’t try out or of the points, I have highlighted above.

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