How Do I Make A Girl Send Nudes? 9 Nailed Ways to Ask a Girl for Nude


Have you heard of the quote “The most boring thing in the entire world is nudity”? Hmmm, I’m sure you haven’t and even if you have, you don’t believe it. Yes, nudity is one of the funniest things in the world that most people derive satisfaction and at the same time the borest if you don’t know How to get a girl to send nudes.

Knowing how to get a nude picture from a girl especially can be challenging. This is because most girls see it as a way of you trying to flirt with them.

Some even try to play hard-to-get even though they are dying to give it to you. This can be really frustrating as a guy.

That’s way as a guy, knowing how to make her send you naked pictures is the first step to take before you even ask. The bitter truth is, no matter how handsome or breathtaking you may appear in front of a girl, you can be turned down if you don’t have a how-to hack.

In this article, you will learn 9 Nailed ways on how to ask a girl for nude. By the time you are down reading this article, you can be sure of getting a naked picture of any girl you like from her without having to break your head.

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What You Need to Know Before Asking a Girl to Send You Nudes

According to Dictionary Cambridge, a Nude is a picture or other piece of art showing a person who is not wearing any clothes.

Sending nudes isn’t going to happen so fast if you are talking to someone you just met.

Not at all. Nudes could be common, however, girls are still cautious when it comes to sharing theirs.

So, what does this actually mean? Well, the thing is that you can always request for nudes from a girl.

That’s right. However, you are not supposed to ask for nudes from a girl. Her nude pictures should come as a gift to you.

If you’re not gifted a nude picture, well, you’re not so lucky. So, how do you receive such a gift? Here is how to get a girl to send nudes. And no, it definitely doesn’t begin with a dick picture.

How Do I Make A Girl Send Nudes Pictures?

Below are 9 nailed ways on How To Make A Girl Send you her Nude Pictures:

  • Get Comfortable With Yourselves First
  • Try to Initiate Sexting
  • Give Compliments
  • Look Out For The Signs
  • Let Her Know You’re in a Public Place When Sexting
  • Discussing Sexual Topics

1. Get Comfortable With Yourselves First

As I’ve just stated above, comfort is an important aspect of this. If the girl isn’t comfortable with you, there’s no way you will make her send you naked pictures of herself.

She takes you for a good guy as soon as you build that comfort around her. If you want to get racy photos from her, you should be confident, strong and treat her with respect, then with time, the rest will follow.

The more you show her that you’re a nice guy, the more she feels comfortable around you. However, this grows increasingly as she’ll always want to spend time with you.

2. Try to Initiate Sexting

There must be an opportunity for a girl to send you her nudes. Like sure, you may say “send nudes” and you could get a side boob photo from her, however, if you would like the important deal you have to put in an extra effort.

If you’re sexting and eventually turn yourselves on, the girl knows she’ll win the sexting game by sending you her nudes. This is how to get your girlfriend to send nudes.

3. Give Compliments

Compliments will go a long way if you’re looking for how to make her send you naked pictures. For her to send them, you have to make her feel that desirability from your end and make her feel that she’s super hot.

Without compliments and knowing she’s desired, it’s just not going to happen. So compliment her a great deal, tell her she looked so hot, tell her you wish you were together with her after seeing a pic she just uploaded on Instagram – build her confidence in any way, then she’ll feel comfortable to send them to you.

No one will send a nude to a guy they think isn’t interested in them.

4. Look Out For The Signs

From the signs she shows you, you will know how to get racy photos from her.

This should be very obvious, but if a girl is telling you she’s getting ready to shower or that she went shopping for some new underwear, you should understand that she’s otherwise trying to say “let’s sext!!!!”, which can probably result in a nude.

5. Let Her Know You’re in a Public Place When Sexting

This perfectly works when you’re already sexting a bit and getting into the mood. Even though you’re home, just say you’re out at the mall and simply can’t wait to get home (to continue the sexting).

Sure this might be a lie sometimes, but it’ll keep her going knowing you would possibly be about to open a nude in a very public place.

It’ll turn her on knowing you’re turned on but can’t do anything about it. If you don’t know how to get nudes, try this.

6. Discussing Sexual Topics

The best way to show that you’re not judgmental is to discuss sexual topics like it’s no big deal. It is quite easy if you’ve already hooked up in the past.

If you’re still getting to know yourselves, consider discussing these topics using third parties. Perhaps you have a female roommate who’s going through the aftermath of a breakup.

As long as you speak positively about these people, this kind of story can be a smart way to ease into dirty talk.

If she responds eagerly, that’s a green light to start asking if she’s done something similar. She’s likely to return these questions to you.

Then, you can proceed to the discussion to sending nudes. If you’re looking for how to get nudes from a girl you like, you should try this interesting format.

7. Turn Her On

She will not send you nude photos of herself midway through talking about her. Rather, you’d want to set the tone.

Get her in the mood to be sexy and turned on. Begin slowly. Maybe some sort of foreplay and see if she’s giving that green light.

Otherwise, if you’re both comfortable around each other, you can literally tell her you’re turned on.

If you’re trying out how to get your girlfriend to send nudes, this part is quite easier for you. You already know exactly the thing she likes.

If she’s in the right mood, she’ll play along. You might get a response like, “Oh yeah? What’s going on in your head right now?” That’s a green light to explore further.

If you’ve already had sex, you can tell her you’re thinking about the last time you both had sex.

Get specific about what you liked and what parts of her body you’re thinking about at the moment.

If you haven’t gotten to that point with her yet, tell her what you want to see. “You looked so hot in those bum shorts last week. I would love to see what’s under them.”

If she’s very comfortable around you, confident, and trusts you enough, this alone might be enough for her to show you.

Otherwise, it’ll take some more back and forth conversation. Whatever you do, don’t make her feel pressured at all. This is a perfect way to get a girl to send nudes.

8. If You Want to See More, Make sure You Respond Positively

She’s turned on and has summoned the courage to send you a naked photo of herself. She takes the step, hoping you like it. You ignore the message and walk away.


There’s no greater turn-off than being so vulnerable with someone and not getting a positive response.

If you don’t respond, don’t even expect to get any more. Instead, if you like the nude photo(s), tell her! Just acknowledge that they’re super hot and she looks good.

Remember, she sent them because she loves the fact that it turns you on. Make sure you let her know that you’re turned on.

9. Don’t Ask Directly

Another answer to the question how do I make a girl send nudes is by not asking directly.

Don’t make the mistake of asking for her nudes immediately. This is the first thing to consider if you’re looking for how to ask for nude pictures. Play the nice guy and hear what she has to say If she is comfortable around you and really wants to send you her nudes, she’ll probably give you a clue.

If you directly say “send me nudes” it’s no vibe at all, however, if you concentrate she might give you a clue that she’s in the mood. Try this if you would like to know how to ask for nude pictures.


Nudes are personal, and they are usually sent to the guy whom the girl really trusts. This is obviously not the case all the time.

Girls can also choose to send their racy photos to wherever and to whomever they want – but if she doesn’t want to send one to you in particular, stop pestering her – it’s not a vibe.

Knowing how to make a girl send nudes is not an easy thing to do. However, if you follow the tips I shared above you shouldn’t find it too difficult.

At the end of the day, as long as there’s a connection and you’re respectful and she is very comfortable around you, she’ll send you her nudes. So many of them!


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